Movisie - the Dutch expertise center for social policy - succesfully submitted an European proposal for the implementation of Family Justice Centers throughout Europe.

In 2013 the implementation of Family Justice Centers started in Tilburg and Venlo (the Netherlands), Warsaw (Poland), Antwerp (Belgium), Milan (Italy) and Berlin (Germany).

FJC European Team


MOVISIE is the Netherlands centre for social development. Our mission is to promote the participation and independence of citizens. We do this by supporting and advising professional organizations, volunteer organizations and government institutions in the field of welfare, care and social development.

Mutsaers Foundation Venlo

The Mutsaers Foundation is a full service center, with several locations in North and Central Limburg. The Mutsaers Foundation is provides youth care and mental health care to children and youth, as well as social support and counseling to women and their children.
Website Mutsaers Foundation Venlo

Domestic Violence Support Centre Midden-Brabant

The Domestic Violence Support Centre Midden-Brabant (Steunpunt Huiselijk Geweld), is an information centre for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, as well as everyone in their surroundings. The Centre deals with problems or questions about domestic violence. These include the police or social work. The Support Centre assistant will keep working until a suitable solution has been found.


CO3 stands for "Client-oriented organization with three partners." In CO3 three parties cooperate in the fight against domestic violence: police-court; care-justice house, city-PWC province. These three groups will seach for the best solution to the problem: help or prosecution.
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BIG Koordinierung

BIG Koordinierung examines, develops and optimizes strategies and establishes cooperations in order to improve the protection of women and their children from domestic violence and to hold perpetrators accountable.
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Fundacja Centrum Praw Kobiet

Fundacja Centrum Praw Kobiet (the Center for Women’s Rights) is an organization committed to ensuring the equal rights of men and women in the public and private spheres. The Center offers legal and psychological counseling to women victims of violence and discrimination. The organization also strives to impact meaningful changes to the law and its implementation.
Website Fundacja Centrum Praw Kobiet

G.B. Guzzetti Foundation

The G.B. Guzzetti Foundation runs several locations in the city of Milan. Six family services aimed to meet the needs of families and individuals, by offering medical, legal, social and psychological care and support.
Website G.B. Guzzetti Foundation